Housing relief scheme
Christian Kingdom Relief Fund
Housing Relief Scheme
We offer a housing relief scheme and have priced all our properties in accordance with rental values which are to provide affordable accommodation.

We have three schemes available to people:

1. Rent to buy
3.Low Rent

Rent to buy

Are you a Bible Believing Christian (BBC) serious about buying your own home but have no down payment or deposit because you are paying too much of your salary in rent? Then talk to CKRF and see how we can help.
This scheme allows buyers to save a deposit by saving the difference between CKRF's low rent and the equivalent market rate. CKRF lets out 2 bedroom apartments at a very low rent. The buyers will pay CKRF the full market rent which will be saved in a CKRF fund and released to the buyer in 5 years when the tenancy ends. The amount can be used as a deposit on another property which CKRF will support the buyer in looking for. For example, the difference in rent per calendar month is £1000. A buyer could therefore save £60,000 in 5 years which is equivalent to a 20% deposit on £300,000 property. Any shortfalls arising due to property price inflation will be met by a low interest rate loan equal to the difference and spread over the tenure of the mortgage.This scheme is available to BBCs with a maximum household income of £90,000 (with no one partner earning more than £70,000).

Low Rent

Do you live in a cramped 2 bedroom apartment with your family where you are paying full market rent? Would you like to spread out in a spacious 4 bedroom house and still pay the same rent? Then CKRF's Low Rent scheme is for you. There is no ultimate time limit on these tenancies but tenancies are reviewed and renewed every 6 months subject to terms and conditions. NB: Properties are not transferable to children or relatives.

Missionary Scheme

A selection of 1 bedroom apartments is available to those who are serving short term with a Christian evangelical /missionary organisation. These are available on a 1 year tenancies which can be renewed. However these properties are targeted at those on short term missions. Those in the scheme would be raising their own funds to undertake missionary work.

How to apply

Register your interest using our contact us form

What happens next?

We shall arrange an appointment with you

Can I purchase the CKRF property?

Unfortunately, No. The scheme is set up to help you get on the property ladder i.e help you save up until you are able to buy in the open market, or rent at a susidised rate with us until you are able to afford your own home.

Our Rental Values