About us
Christian Kingdom Relief Fund
CKRF is a trust fund set up by Christian Kingdom to alleviate the sufferings caused by socio-economic imbalances. Our mission is to provide our members with comfortable and affordable accommodation, alleviate Inner City problems through education, join other national and international charities in their pursuits of preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and to eradicate cruelty in its entirety.
Quite often, the most effective way for Charities to solve their financial dilemmas or skill shortages is to use volunteers. We at CKRF are very enthusiastic in offering our skills from carrying out humble duties such as cleaning up during and after events or volunteering to act on stage in a fund raising Christmas Pantomime.
We offer both financial and moral support to students in universities by funding 'thesmartstudent.org' project. We also support other student ministries in the UK such as Agape and the UCCF who work tirelessly to see that Christians have a balanced life during the course of their studies, whilst ensuring that the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is preached on campuses.
Children Charities are very central to our hearts, apart from raising awareness about the sufferings children often encounter, we set aside substantial funds raised during our social events to support charities that are directly in contact with children. This is our way of saying 'Thank You' to Charities who work relentlessly to give children the quality of life they so much deserve.
The gap between what people earn and house prices in the UK is amongst the worst in the world. At the heart of the problem is a chronic shortage of new homes. Mortgages remain out of reach because the deposits required by lenders have soared. More and more people face life in insecure rented accommodation. We offer short term accommodation to individuals who suddenly find themselves in a 'homelessness' situation. We support them until they are able to get their feet back on the ground.
It is very easy to forget how difficult it can be for Evangelists and Missionaries to raise funds and cater for their own needs whenever they have to work in poverty stricken zones of the world. Very often they have to rely on donations coming from developed countries. Currency conversion to a third world country's currency can sometimes seem they have become rich overnight, but these funds are quickly eroded away by the endless needs they encounter.
We love Churches and like to fund their activities, such as restoring the stained glass window of a medieval Church building or supporting a local Church in its weekly activities. Churches offer a place where believers meet and fellowship or engage in other networking activities. Our huge Church buildings known as Cathedrals stand erect and offer historians and architectural students a sound base for their research.
The nature of war or any similar disaster is grimmer than can be portrayed on any photograph or re-enactment, but the evidence is frightening enough. Many of the victims died the most horrendous deaths, and thousands still remain on battlefields or natural disaster zones, with families not knowing the fate of a father, brother, husband, son, mother, sister, wife, daughter or a loved one. Countless are still suffering from the long term effects of war and natural disasters, with no one in particular to blame. We support and work alongside individuals or charities that have dedicated their lives to ease the sufferings of the victims.